Bathing Establishment

Bathing Establishment

Conchiglia Beach has a large coastline of fine sand, offers comfortable beach umbrellas and tents with plenty of space for the privacy of our customers. The cabins with and without shower, are suitable to meet your every need.  Assistance and rescue at sea are guaranteed by qualified personnel.

Bar & Risto

The Bathing Establishment Conchiglia Beach offers a restaurant service with tasty espresso first courses, our rich Big Salad complete, stuffed focaccia, sandwiches. For lovers of seafood, it is also possible to taste the famous dishes of Versilia’s cuisine with fish and fried first courses and the typical meat “tordelli” of the “Pietrasantina Tradition”.

The bar offers continuous service from 8.30 am until 7.30 pm, so you can satisfy your every pleasure, which you can enjoy in the gazebo adjacent to the structure.


Gazebo entertainment suitable for relaxation and friendly games at cards or reading. We also have an area created only for children where between Ping Pong, castle with slide, swing-swing, between a break and the other of baths can spend days of fun.

Wi Fi

Conchiglia Beach offers its customers on holiday the possibility to connect to the Internet, sitting comfortably at the bar, sipping a cold drink, during breakfast or while you are waiting for one of our typical dishes that you find at our restaurant, checking your mail, “chatting” with friends or using “Skype” to video call home.